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FM Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban) August 2021

FM Whatsapp

Love for WhatsApp remains  unfaded even after several years of its existence. Many chatting applications came and went but WhatsApp always maintained a special place in the heart of the users. Therefore, instead of developing a rival application of WhatsApp, the third party developers came up with an exclusive idea to improve the existing application. For that matter, they have created a WhatsApp mod in the form of FM WhatsApp latest version 2020 that works wonders on all smartphones.

FM Whatsapp

No matter what application has been modded, a third party version of it is surely going to work better than the original one. There are few reasons behind that –

  • Mods put away restrictions aside
  • Mods have more features
  • They are free of cost
  • They are easier to use


Filename: FmWhatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v17.52 (August 2021)
Download File Size: 49.6 MB
Space Required to Install: 85 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 18 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

FM Whatsapp Download

The original application never gives you the option to customise things and use them the way you want. There is always a specific set of features that exists and the users have to to remain satisfied with them. Luckily, the WhatsApp mod – FM WhatsApp gives a better experience in any case. In fact, when compared to the other mods of applications, FM WhatsApp works to get maximum download. The features of FM WhatsApp and much better than the rest of all the modes and the original WhatsApp application. It has a great flexibility and majority features at zero prices.

What do we mean by Fm whatsapp APK?

A better version of the original WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp is an amazing chatting tool that comes with several useful features. It makes communicating with friends and office colleagues much easier with the flexible set of functions it has. If you are always looking forward to having a better version of WhatsApp, this is the one to go for.

There is not just one WhatsApp Mod available over the internet. Almost every third party developer looks forward to creating a mod of WhatsApp in order to make it popular amongst the users. Unfortunately, none of them are as successful as FM WhatsApp. The legitimate WhatsApp mod became popular in no time because of its reliable workability. Since, majority of the whatsappmods are fake and comprise of virus, there is no point of downloading them in your phone. Always make sure that you download a mod that has the highest rating and maximum reliability.

File info –

  • Application name – FM WhatsApp
  • Application size -50 MB
  • Last updates – 1 day ago
  • Application type – FM mod

What functions make FM WhatsApp so famous?

FM WhatsApp becomes famous after it has been added with some privacy related tweaks. The developers could easily identify that the original WhatsApp version did not care about the privacy of the users and that was something lingering in the mind of many people. Therefore, the all new WhatsApp Mod has been added with exemplary security features that include using a pin and a set pattern to encrypt your chat. Further, you can manage the blue ticks better along with the last seen thing. So let us out deeper about the amazing WhatsApp application that deserves a try from every user.

  • Freezing the last seen

You know what does it exactly mean by this feature? It simply means that the WhatsApp is going to set a specific time as your last seen so that the users feel that you have not been online for quite a while. WhatsApp doesn’t provide you with such an amazing function. Moreover, if you cannot see the last scene of other people in the original WhatsApp, use the FM WhatsApp APK that allows you to have a sneak peek of others last seen even if they are not able to know yours. Just enable this feature to the three dots available . mods – privacy –  freeze last seen

  • Hiding view status

This is again a beautiful feature that the creators of FM WhatsApp embedded in it. There are so many contacts in our chat list with whom we want to maintain a distance. The features that allows users to know about the people who view that status is sometimes very irritating. People think that we are interested in uploads and eventually they take out a lot of meanings for that thing. Third party version in order to avoid such people. Nobody would now know that you have been viewing their status . In other words, this encourages stealthwatch .

  • Post reply blueticks

Viewing the message in the original WhatsApp gives a blue tick to it. Sometimes, when you don’t want to reply to certain text messages, customising blue ticks is a better option. With FM WhatsApp, your chats would get blue ticks only after you have replied to them. Even if you have viewed messages, the FM WhatsApp does not give a blue tick in the smartphones.

  • Choosing the contacts who can call you

There are so many times when we do not want to receive calls from unexpected contacts. In fact, we don’t even want to keep in touch with them for some reason. Avoiding their calls becomes now possible because the latest Whatsapp Mod lets you customise things. To put it in other words, you can select certain contacts who can call you . you don’t even block the existing contact and still they will not be able to call you. This is the greatness of the third party Mod. it preserves the users privacy in the best way possible.

  • Hiding delivered and blue tick

The users of Original Whatsapp kept on waiting for this particular feature but nothing as such came in front. Luckily, FM WhatsApp is delivering the amazing feature that lets you stay away from replying and reading text messages. simply hiding the delivered and blue tick will keep chats at peace for sure.

  • Anti delete status

Don’t you feel inquisitive about messages that have been deleted After receiving? The latest Whatsapp Mod now makes you smarter by letting you view the deleted messages. The text messages that have been deleted by the sender are already saved in the device this gives you a plus. By giving you the ultimate access of viewing stories that are deleted as well as reading messages that have been removed.

  • Customisation

The green theme of the original WhatsApp brings a lot of monotony. You can now get away from it. But what about editing the same theme and putting it into different colours? Now, you can customise the WhatsApp theme in your own way and set your favourite. There are awesome set of themes available on Whatsapp.

  • Hide recording and typing status

The 3rd party developers have recently added hide recording and typing status so that nobody comes to know what is going on in your chat. The FM WhatsApp practices privacy at its best with the all new exciting features that keep you loyal to it.

  • No need to save numbers

 In case of the original WhatsApp, you can only send messages to a person after saving his or her number. But in the case of third party WhatsApp, sending messages to someone without saving their contact is absolutely possible. You can straight away start with the conversation without facing the hassle of saving numbers and refreshing the contact list.

  • Removing forward tag on the messages

The all new forwarded tag in the messages seems to be very irritating for the majority of the users. After all, you cannot create the original WhatsApp messages all the time and you are bound to send the forwarded messages only. The latest Whatsapp mode removes this restriction and lets you send messages without putting the forward that to them. All you need to do is to activate the disable forward it messages that in the privacy section of the mod.

FAQ FM WhatsApp

  • What is the difference between the FM WhatsApp and original one?

 There is no major difference between the FM WhatsApp and original application as both of them serve the purpose of communication. However, the FM WhatsApp is the modified version of the original application which is not available in the Google Play Store and is illegal as well. Also, it carries a better set of features and functions as compared to any other chatting application.

  • Is WhatsApp beneficial in any case?

Yes of course, the original WhatsApp is very beneficial for the users because of extra security features and privacy it delivers. The User experience of the FM WhatsApp is much better than the original app.

  • Where to download FM WhatsApp from?

 You can download the FM WhatsApp application from a third party application and not from the trusted Play Store because it is the illegal version. There are other whatsapp mods such as WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp plus that works similar to FM WhatsApp and Gmail unavailable in the original Play Store.

 Fm whatsapp has always been the favourite of so many users since the time it is invented. Recently, it has created a record of being downloaded in more devices apart from just Android one. The Original Whatsapp does not allow the users to enjoy the benefits of flawless communication. Luckily, the FM WhatsApp is an all new application that works so much better and with an extraordinary set of features.

FM WhatsApp works so much better because of the regular set of updates that take place in it.

Is FM WhatsApp really that special?

Yes, the original FM WhatsApp is really special because it has features that nobody can beat. There is a call filter, blocker and so many noticeable features that make it a worthwhile affair. You can chat with contacts and manage calls. Further, there is a media sharing feature that allows you to get away from the restrictions that have always been strenuous. In other words, you can share any amount of media and in any file format.

 The app launcher and managing notifications

Apart from changing the default colour and themes of the original WhatsApp, the third party application comes with a notification icon that allows you to change the colours of the application. You can almost pick up any icon and absolutely change the look of WhatsApp.

High resolution image sharing

High resolution image sharing doesn’t need you to compress the images while forwarding them. You just have to send the image in the original format because there is no need to worry about the MBs and size it carries. 100% mod settings, there is no compression required.

Step by step to download FM WhatsApp –

Almost every smartphone that exists on the earth has the original WhatsApp for sure. But what about the restrictions that you always have to face? The original WhatsApp is full of irritating restrictions that spoil the fun . no matter whether it is about managing ka privacy, status, file sharing or undertaking any other service, there are set of restrictions that are always present in every future of IT. The modern application works while keeping the users privacy in mind. It has nothing to annoy the users because the 3rd party developers have worked very hard to give the best experience to every user.

  • as the first step, delete the original WhatsApp from your screen and make sure that you remove the cache memory as well.
  • use a download link available in our website and have the third-party mod in your device waiting for a few minutes.
  • After the download is completed, it is time to go for the installation of the same application doing things manually.
  • Make sure that before practicing all these steps, you would have enabled application installation from unknown resources.
  • Do Register your credentials and mobile number while configuring the application.

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