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Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android 2021

Fouad WhatsApp

WhatsApp is changing lives all over the world. People are able to work faster and achieve success in a shorter span of time. The Revolutionary communication platform encourages encrypted service. In other words, WhatsApp allows the users to communicate without anybody trying to sneak peek into their chats. Somehow, there are developers who encourage the download of modified versions that work better. If you can manage to identify a source from where you can download Fouad WhatsApp APK , it would be a great step from your side. The modded WhatsApp is not just like any other chatting application. It is indeed one of the best options that it will surely make you forget the old and Original Whatsapp. The beautiful interface of Fouad WhatsApp APK  encourages customization and alteration of textile. Also, there are great colour themes to choose.

fouad whatsapp


Filename: Fouad Whatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v12.02 (August 2021)
Download File Size: 55.6 MB
Space Required to Install: 85 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 18 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

Fouad WhatsApp Download


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Features present in Fouad WhatsApp APK

  • You can select the background image for the screen as a customized wallpaper for the app.
  • You need to select a specific picture in the bubble that looks very beautiful.
  • You can always set special pictures for conversation that make WhatsApp look better.
  • You can have a look at the entries before you apply them.
  • Apply certain colour on the main screen
  • Change the appearance of the voice note bar

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK 8.35 download

Unlike all the WhatsApp modified versions, Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK is a popular and the most reliable and everybody thinks of downloading it whatsoever. WhatsApp is eventually gaining a lot of popularity worldwide and also becoming more powerful day by day. Recently, Fouad WhatsApp APK  has been produced that works without add popup and everyone can enjoy the Exclusive features for no money. The application allows the users to enjoy the Exclusive features and familiarise with the better version of WhatsApp.

Everybody knows that the official WhatsApp doesn’t have many features in it and therefore you have to go for the Fouad WhatsApp APK  in any case. Luckily, the third-party version is free from that monotonous green colour that creates boredom for most of the people. With hundreds and thousands of themes available for free, the third party version of WhatsApp is colourful, customisable and better in every case. It comes with the direct download link that straight away  gives it a place in your smartphone.

File info-

  • Application name – Fouad WhatsApp APK
  • Developer – Fouad WhatsApp APK
  • Application size – 33 MB
  • Android version -4.4

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK all about?

The application allows the users to change conversation styles, application appearance and use better privacy features. There are endless amounts of features available in the application. The high quality WhatsApp comes with voice note display and Call Blocker. It supports multiple languages and also comes with an anti delete message feature. In other words, you can still read the deleted message with the all new Fouad WhatsApp APK  feature.

How do we install the Fouad WhatsApp APK  application on Android devices?

  • Step 1 – download Fouad WhatsApp APK from our web page and move towards the file where it has been downloaded.
  • Step 2 – launch the application on your account and provide the mobile number. Verify it
  • Step 3- make sure that you take a backup of all the data present in the original WhatsApp application and also verify your credentials.

Fouad WhatsApp APK is the best modded application that comes with latest improvements and updates. You can download the latest version from our web page and also make sure that you have sufficient space in your device to store the Mod. All the users who are already using the original WhatsApp must delete it before installing the mod.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK download 2021

WhatsApp applications like WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus have several sets of features that have already amazed the users. Recently, a better version of all the mods in the form of Fouad WhatsApp APK  has been released that is very much appreciated. If you can manage to download the latest version of WhatsApp today, it would be very good for you tomorrow. Since, you can link both your business and personal account in the same WhatsApp, it becomes easy to manage both personal and professional life. The latest WhatsApp is very much manageable by both new and old users alike. If you have ever thought of downloading the Mod application for WhatsApp, make sure that you always choose FM WhatsApp APK  and none other option. With endless amounts of themes, lock privacy mode, customisation and other features, there is no better alternative than this.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK premium features –

  • You can always set a picture of your choice in the background of the modded WhatsApp home which is otherwise impossible.
  • The main screen allows you to spend more time
  • You can change the colour in the middle of the chat.
  • You can select and put a desired image as the profile picture of the chat.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK works like a magic

  • With more than 100 languages supported, Fouad WhatsApp APK is definitely an application to go for.
  • Easily lock the home screen with the available set pattern or pin code.
  • The application absolutely resembles the original WhatsApp and does not let you feel odd while using a . It is very comfortable in its appearance and keeps things subtle.

If you already have a clue how the application works, make sure that you do download the latest version of the application and install it in your Android device. The process is very easy and there are always updated links and sources available for the users 24 x 7. If you cannot reach out the application for any reason, make sure that you leave a comment on this page so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK 2021 download

The application is based on bio WhatsApp APK. It is the mix and combined features of all the WhatsApp mods available together. You will be able to send any number of images and also element in a better touch with your friends. Since, there is so much in the Fouad WhatsApp APK  version of WhatsApp, it always keeps you indulged in it. You always feel like posting status and talking with your friends. The world without WhatsApp is incomplete and when the king of conversation is improved, there is nothing better than that. Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK can give you clean bills against SMS charges and let you have a better conversation Experience.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  download for Android and other smartphones

The most beneficial of all the WhatsApp mods, Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK has become popular because of the astonishing set of features that has. It comes with password protected conversations, customisation and better file transfer. The application works very well after configuration and installation.

The variety of downloadable themes in the WhatsApp application lets you customise the interface in the best possible way. It enhances the length of the status and helps you to choose amongst different emoji. The best part about using the application is that you can send videos of up to 1GB. You can protect conversations and also use the widget to simplify certain privacy features.

How does Fouad WhatsApp APK  works?

The application works amazingly well and it is available on several third-party sources. The Internet being a great source of such applications, there are many websites that comprise the updated version of WhatsApp Mod. Luckily, we are here to keep you away from undesirable searches. The application recently lifted the ban which used to get imposed on it after a few days of downloading.

The original WhatsApp used to ban the users for no reason on downloading the application. Luckily, the developers have created a protective shield on the application and have made sure that you can only use the application for yourself. As the first step, just make sure that you enable download from unknown resources and then move towards any other step.

Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK download latest version 2021

The developer of the application is definitely a genius because at present, none of the mods are able to work better. With so many features available, Fouad WhatsApp APK  is unbeatable better than the rest of all the competitors in the market. It is the favourite of everybody because of no irritating advertisements and difficult downloading steps . The application that comes with simple features and a similar appearance to WhatsApp keeps the users comfortable in every aspect.

Importance of downloading WhatsApp mod

The application is loaded with customisation features and comes with many incredible aspects that give the best feel to the users. With almost zero errors, the third party developers take pride in launching such an amazing application. It has been a hit amongst uses because of binge worthy specifications it has. On this page, we have brought you the latest version of the application that is absolutely free from Malware and Virus attacks. You will not face any difficulties in downloading and running the application because we make sure that you get a reliable application that does not secrete any issues in your handset.

Exclusive features of the application make it so happening that every user feels satisfied with their. The smooth application comes with a set of images and videos that entertain the users on a constant basis. Further, you can send any number of texts without saving the number of the individual. The best part is the removal of the forward message tag . Moreover, the users can activate DND mode for the all new version of WhatsApp That is Illegal but better.

What is new in the latest Fouad WhatsApp APK ?

The all new version of the WhatsApp 2020 mod comes with all the bugs and problems fixed. It Has been given a new face which makes it better and allows the users to chat very well. Further, you can grab the best experience and use the application forever with the and to delete future embedded.

The developers were not able to add new themes because of some or the other. Recently, there is a complete update given to the existing application so that there are no troubles occurring amongst the users and Developers. With the all new Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK 2020 it gives us more and a much better experience.

What does anti ban mechanism talk about

 The third party developers are making the best efforts so that you keep on using the modded version of the application lifelong. They prohibit the possibilities of the original WhatsApp banning you and therefore, the anti band mechanism is invented. The high quality videos added in the unofficial WhatsApp lets you exchange them among the chats. Further, there is no restriction on the quantity of data files including videos, images and messages. The restriction of sending images at a single time is eradicated in the latest version of the application. Download without any delay from our website free of cost today.

What does it mean by anti group messages and status in the WhatsApp mod?

Are you really curious about the deleted text messages from other conversations? Choose the anti revoke feature in the latest Fouad WhatsApp APK  and you will be able to recover the deleted messages effortlessly. You can see all the text that has been removed with the anti revoke feature . simply download the third party application and you will be able to enjoy a superior security and a better social status.

You can even customise the people who can call you and the one who cannot. In fact, you can create your own themes, emojis and pictures and send them to the WhatsApp contacts.

Final words

Do not keep any doubts in mind but talk to us in case you face any problems regarding the download steps or understanding the features of the application. Fouad WhatsApp APK  APK is a must have WhatsApp mod for all. It comes with a customisable pack of stickers, emojis and themes.

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