NA Whatsapp APK Download (Anti-Ban) Feb 2022

NA Whatsapp APK

WhatsApp and its modes are no doubt interesting but this time Na whatsapp APK is something that is League apart. You will be jaw dropped to find the amazing amount of features that the developers have integrated in this application. With all the restrictions removed, Na whatsapp is able to win hearts internationally. The best application has numerous choices to make your chatting experience extremely lovable.


The Revolutionary WhatsApp mod is specifically meant to help users in meeting their communication needs of different types. The element of fun and customisation further makes WhatsApp alternative as the best option for sharing multimedia . It helps people stay connected with video calls, phone calls, messages and sharing media.

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Filename: NA Whatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v15.52 (Feb 2022)
Download File Size: 31.1 MB
Space Required to Install: 65 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 12 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)



Basics about Na whatsapp APK

The features of Na whatsapp APK are quite similar with other modes that have been invented so far. Somehow, this particular version is much safer and works extraordinarily better. It has a file size of 45.7 MB and the application was last updated on 2021. The minimal requirement for downloading the WhatsApp application is 4.0 Android operating system.

What features does Na whatsapp APK have?

Na whatsapp offers a better set of features when compared with other versions of WhatsApp. No matter whether it is the original application or the APK one, Na whatsapp APK is much better than the rest. It is free from any restrictions and Developers cannot ban it.

Quick updates and beautiful set of themes helps to make the application look really iconic. You can organise the background of the chats  the way you want by customising everything in the desired manner. You can download as many themes as you want and modify the appearance anytime you feel like.

How to update Na whatsapp APK?

Unlike the original WhatsApp application that has to be manually updated, the apk version is intelligently designed for added user community. all the features are automatically updated there is no need to do things manually. The moment there is an update available, Na whatsapp APK will automatically acquire it with no formal steps needed.

Complete arrangement for user privacy

Na whatsapp APK prioritises the user privacy and further brings several related features. Disabling Blue ticks and hiding the typing status and not the only features it has. Even your name in the modded WhatsApp is invisible and nobody will be able to find out about you.

Enjoy the latest forms for more fun

It goes without saying that the font and background of the text helps in enhancing the chatting experience. Na whatsapp APK makes conversations extremely interesting by allowing the users to apply different sizes of fonts and theme designs. You can have a unique conversation style and share the screenshots with your friends and relatives.

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Media sharing made super easy

The original WhatsApp along with several other restrictions, disallows the users to send videos or files having sizes above 20 MB. The apk version completely removes this restriction and allows users to send audio files upto 300 MB. One can even send videos having a size of up to 1 GB.

What is new in Na whatsapp APK?

The all new Na whatsapp allows you to upload videos of any length Unlike the original WhatsApp that limits the duration up to 30 seconds. You can upload a long clip and there is no need to crop the original video as long as it is 7 minutes or less in duration. It becomes easy to maintain the originality of the videos by uploading them as a whole at once.

Locking conversations possible

Using Na whatsapp APK, you can lock the conversations by applying a specific pattern or a password. You can also use fingerprints to safeguard your phone against unwanted use. This way WhatsApp keeps your chat a private affair and never lets anybody access them unwantedly.

No time to text back? Use this!

Na whatsapp APK lets you send Auto replies to the text messages received when you are extremely busy. You can add a little information in the text message and that will be sent to the concerned user on the allotted date and time. This specific feature is very important when you cannot afford to miss out on business days and ping from Important people.

Unlimited emoji

Na whatsapp APK offers a lot of emoji that the official WhatsApp does not offer.  you get to enjoy a variety of gif and stickers that can surprisingly enhance your chatting experience.

Step by step installation process explain-

Na whatsapp APK download process is very simple and there is no need to go to the Google Play Store to have it. Our page has the working link to avail the official Na whatsapp APK that works reliably and helps the users to feel better. –

These are the steps needed to install and use the application in your device-

  1. Using the link on this page, visit the Na whatsapp APK and there will be a download option there on the screen itself.
  2. Allow the permissions to the unknown resources by using to make relevant settings.
  3. Let the download process before launching the application and creating an account.
  4. There are a couple of customisation options that you can select to use the desired feature.
  5.  begin using the Whatsapp mod and enjoy the fantabulous set of features it has

More about Na whatsapp APK

According to several sources, there are a total of three different copies of Na whatsapp APK so that it can work on different devices. The amazing application is undoubtedly more versatile and is a perfect option to make audio and video calls. You just need to to get connected with Wi-Fi or any other source of internet connection to use the set of features it has.

The next gen WhatsApp is a good alternative to FaceTime. Now, you do not need your friends to have ios devices in order to chit chat with them face to face. Just download The Amazing WhatsApp and start chatting the way you always wanted.

 Na whatsapp APK doesn’t just have voice and video calls to remain in touch with the loved ones . There are also group video calls supported which makes it completely possible to have a face-to-face conversation with multiple people.

You can send files and photos with the click of an option and that would instantly send all the documents to the required contact. WhatsApp allows the users to share stickers and encrypt conversations . it also keeps a backup of all the chats that might be very important. Even if you factory reset your phone,  old conversations available in the na WhatsApp will be there.

Group chat is yet another feature supported by the latest Whatsapp Mod. You can create a large group of family colleagues and team members and communicate with them with all the security on a daily basis. The WhatsApp web additionally helps you to get connected with people through computers.

The latest Whatsapp Mod supports face ID and touch id that helps in unlocking the application securely. it is a perfect solution to keep all your data private and not allowing anyone to interfere.

Final words

It would not be wrong to say that all the features available in Nawhatsapp APK are extraordinarily better than the rest of modes available in the market. Hopefully you have understood the importance and features of the application and know how to install it by now.

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