OG Whatsapp Updated APK Download for March 2022

OG Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an Incredible mode of communication with more than 500 million active users and many more joining it each month. The modern version of the same application is better, simpler and more secure . It is absolutely free and reliable to use. Moreover, the third-party developers take a complete note of its advancements.   security features help customers feel satisfied. The users can take in charge of their Desire and customise the chatting application with avoid. Og whatsapp APK does not restricts the users regarding profile pictures, status and chatting. There are additional privacy features that make the application manifold reliable.

OG Whatsapp

Og whatsapp additionally allows the users to delete the messages that have been already sent. After the user reads the message, one can immediately delete the sent messages from one’s own screen as well as the user’s screen. This is one of the most delightful features from the application.


Filename: OG Whatsapp
File type: APK
Version: v15.52 (August 2021)
Download File Size: 39.3 MB
Space Required to Install: 75 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 15 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)




Og whatsapp APK is super reliable and remarkable communication app

In comparison to other WhatsApp versions, Og whatsapp APK is unique and delivers several reasons to trust it. It never disturb the user’s privacy and has minimal security answers. Even when it comes to the main features of the application, they are quite similar to the original WhatsApp but much better. The main purpose of creating Og whatsapp APK is to enhance the chatting experience globally and remove the available restrictions.

File info –

  • Application name minus Og whatsapp
  • Android version needed -5.0 and above
  • Last updated – 1 day ago
  • file size – 48 MB
  • Version -2.1 9.17

Important facts about Og whatsapp APK-

Og whatsapp APK is the modified WhatsApp that is meant to help users feel more secure with their communication needs. The third-party developers make sure that the users face no hassle while availing the application. Og whatsapp APK can also help you to maintain two different accounts out of which one can be used for casual chatting while the other one can be left for official conversations.

Features available in Og whatsapp APK-

The application is flooded with several advanced features and here are they-

  • Call people who are not in the contact list

 The official WhatsApp allows calling only to those people who are there in your contact list. Somehow, Og whatsapp APK allows making calls to the ones who were not there in the contact list.

  • Setting a group name of more than 35 characters

Just like everything, the original WhatsApp puts restrictions on the number of characters you can use to assign a group name . The WhatsApp APK lets you use more than 35 characters that makes things super interesting. You can always assign interesting and funny names to your groups that completely have your choice and will .

  • Block away calls

WhatsApp being an excellent application for communication needs to take care of the user privacy at Grass root level. If someone is repeatedly disturbing you, just block away their call and sit back peacefully. You can turn off the call receiving feature for a specific contact by making adjustments in the settings.

  • message scheduler

The message scheduler features in the application allows the users to send specific messages by scheduling them from beforehand. The inbuilt feature automatically sends messages on the time and date you have fixed. You don’t have to type anything to send the required message at that specific moment. This feature just needs a good Wi-Fi connection to work. The feature lets you stay in contact with your friends and loved ones by making them feel that you remember them on every big and small occasion.

  • status download

Chatting with your friends and sharing status is not the only feature of the official WhatsApp. You can get closer with friends and family by downloading their status and sharing your elongated stories which is not possible in the original WhatsApp.

  • Allows sending more than 90 images at once

The official WhatsApp does not allow you to send more than 10 images at a time. somehow the rooted version allows you to send up to 90 images at a time that is extremely beneficial for the users.

Clear cut steps to download and install Og whatsapp-

You can download the application from this page in a few simple steps. Let us make preparations for the installation of the application-

  • step 1 – launch the download link on this page and get the install option as it appears on your screen.
  • Step 2 – Let the installation process complete and wait for a few minutes because the time taken depends on your internet connection.
  • Step 3 – after the installation process is completed, Og whatsapp can be enjoyed better than the original version of WhatsApp.

More about Og whatsapp APK

Get over with the original WhatsApp and select the very delightful Og whatsapp APK that has a lot of great features and privacy control. The airplane mode and call block feature keep your privacy in the right place.

Enjoy anti ban

The anti ban Feature in the modded WhatsApp APK allows you to use the application for years without facing any banning issues. There are no questions for you to get detected and receive a ban. The completely reliable version of the original WhatsApp delivers 100% better communication with the competitors. you can send messages and switch on to the original application in a blink of an eye.

Quick status download

The usual WhatsApp users have to take the screenshot in order to copy someone’s status they like. Somehow, the modded WhatsApp comes with a separate download option so that you can immediately use the status uploaded by someone .

 download Og whatsapp APK today

 The modded WhatsApp APK works extremely well with Android smartphone users. As long as you have 5.0 and above versions, there would be no hassles in installing the application. The modified WhatsApp is not available in the Google Play Store and comes with a step-by-step easy guide to install this.

Installing WhatsApp is very easy and it just takes a blink of an eye to have it in your device. The procedure is never complicated and you can find out the basics of it in the below mentioned steps-

  • Launch the Android Settings and navigate to the security
  • Enable install apps from the unknown sources in the settings option so that you can proceed further
  • Open the WhatsApp APK file and let the installation complete
  • Register your mobile number and begin using the application straight away

Facing Issues while downloading Og whatsapp APK?

 Looking forward to links to install the Og whatsapp Android apk ? You must choose this page for the best of help. Millions of people have already used our page to install the application without worrying about the privacy issues.

The update for the application automatically takes place and you do not have to do it manually. Using Og whatsapp APK makes everything manageable at a grass root level. It keeps you away from distraction and helps you to enjoy the pros through and through.

Final words

Og whatsapp APK is an amazing application that works much better than the original app because of the exciting set of features it has. We cannot download and install the application directly from the Play Store because it is developed by third party developers. Og whatsapp APk can be straight away used for its amazing features and workability.

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