Whatsapp Plus APK Download (Anti-Ban) August 2021

Whatsapp Plus

The modified WhatsApp version is already used by people across the globe because of its advanced way of workability. The official feature lacks so many things in it. Therefore, it becomes important to have the modded WhatsApp that allows the users to make the best possible use of Technology. Would you like to know what the latest version consists of? Well, for that we got a full-fledged dedicated article that talks about the features of WhatsApp Plus APK along with the way it works and how to manage it for a better good.


Before starting things, we would like to tell you that WhatsApp Plus APK comes with so many themes that you would love to change everyday. The application is user friendly and can help you to connect with people at global level.


Filename: Whatsapp Plus
File type: APK
Version: v17.02 (August 2021)
Download File Size: 55.6 MB
Space Required to Install: 85 MB
Supported devices: All Android Versions from 8.0+
Root required: No
Last Updated 18 Hours Ago
Supported Languages: More than 36 International Languages like, English (US)

Whatsapp Plus Download

What is the blue WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp plus became famous as the blue WhatsApp because of the basic blue colour theme in it. The customisable features made it extremely famous . This particular version lets you know who all are online by flashing their status . In other words, you don’t have to specifically visit the chart of a person to know whether they are online or not. this specific version of WhatsApp will automatically let you know the number of those that are online.

The latest Whatsapp 2020 Mod remains stable and much better. Earlier released in 2012, the developers have been on their toes since then. Every time, they are coming up with some exceptional feature to keep users away from the original WhatsApp. You can hide the last seen very easily and set a fake status as well. Altering the fonts of the WhatsApp and setting your interface is also a great option

WhatsApp Plus APK FAQ

Make sure that you update the older version before moving ahead to download WhatsApp plus application. Installing the application is very easy and you do not have to face the slightest of inconveniences at all.

What makes WhatsApp plus better than original WhatsApp?

  • Visible themes

The set of usable things available in the latest Whatsapp plus APK 2020 is amazingly different and impressive. There are more than 750 varieties of things that you can download and install in your device.

  • Emojis

A variety of emojis are already present in the original WhatsApp. However, the latest Whatsapp plus APK is exceptionally better in that case. It has got beautiful emojis that you will not find in any other application. They are so impressive that you would always use them and not the commonly available once. With more than 1000 varieties of emojis present in the WhatsApp apk version, there is no shortage of expressing your emotions.

  • Hiding the last seen

The best features of the application includes maintenance of privacy in the form of last seen removal. In other words, the WhatsApp apk version allows you to manipulate the scene by either removing it or setting one of your own . This is an amazing feature to keep away from the ones who want to track you all the time.

  • Editing options

Suppose you want to send a file to a certain contact in WhatsApp . you can simply edit that and reduce the size as well. With so many editing features supported, it is very easy to manipulate things for a better good.

  • Anti ban

No matter what, you can always trust the latest WhatsApp plus version because it comes with Anti ban features that allows users to have it forever in their devices.

  • More than a hundred beautiful themes

With such a large amount of things available in WhatsApp, the users are never going to get fed up with the new look of the smartphone. Since, you can change the theme everyday, things remain interesting forever.

  • Create a group of more than 250 members

With so much restrictions from the original WhatsApp, anybody is bound to get irritated. Therefore, the latest Whatsapp plus APK came into use globally. People can now create groups with a large number of people and share important and unimportant  media always.

WhatsApp plus FAQ –

You just cannot go wrong on downloading WhatsApp Plus APK because it has got everything to impress the users. The one who knows how to operate smart phones better will surely ditch the original WhatsApp after knowing about this specific application. The instant messaging application is widely downloaded by people to get a better experience all together. With a surprising amount of features in the WhatsApp Plus application, nobody would like to use the original version . the third party developers have kept several things in mind. The main reason for creating such an application was to make sure that the users can embrace better quality features every time. The customised messaging application service resultantly satisfies the users with its exotic way to work. Even in the availability of WhatsApp alternative, people always went for WhatsApp Plus APK because of its unbeatable features.

Simple user interface was yet another reason why the application became so popular. Every time, the developers make sure that they improve the existing features and add on something extra regularly. Here Are the list of features that roughly mentioned –

  • WhatsApp plus allows you to change the interface colour of the application.
  • You can send a large amount of video and audio files without any problems.
  • High end quality sharing functions
  • Lets you hide the profile picture
  • Install different themes
  • Anti ban
  • Helps you to increase the video limit status
  • Allows you to get quick notifications with the update release

The only problem with WhatsApp Plus APK is the risk of getting banned from the original service. In that case, you will not be able to use the modified as well as original version of WhatsApp . This particular application comes with anti ban properties that allows you to use everything conveniently.

WhatsApp plus APK Update

It is very important for the users to have only and only the latest version of an application in the devices. The latest application is better and is always Malware and Virus free. Further, you can check out our website repeatedly because we constantly make sure that the latest Whatsapp plus version is available for the users. For your kind information, 5.60 is that latest version that you should have in your smartphone by now.

The latest version of WhatsApp plus introduces users with better features and an unbeatable amount of handiness. You will always adore using this specific type .

Fundamental description of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is specifically supported on Android devices and it has some of the most Incredible features that you would admire always. You can download the online status and also manage having stories that are highly interesting. WhatsApp themes are also possible to be posted in the WhatsApp Plus latest version.

How do we have WhatsApp plus in our phones?

Want to try the new WhatsApp Plus? Here are the steps that you need to follow very carefully because the Google Play Store does not allows having it-

  • Get over the old version by deleting it
  • Take a backup and restore the available data
  • The minimum of 30% battery level should be there in your smartphone
  • The internet should work very well
  • You have to enable the unknown resource option in the phone setting to install Whatsapp plus as the first option.
  • The next option remains to download the WhatsApp Plus APK in your device.
  • Choose the installation option and wait for the process to complete.
  • After you have completed the downloaded procedure, it’s time to launch WhatsApp Plus and start using it after configuring your credentials.

How far is WhatsApp plus safe to use?

WhatsApp plus is perfect  to use if you can download the latest version from our website. However, there is a slight possibility for the developers of the original WhatsApp to ban you even if there are anti Ban features. The WhatsApp Plus APK does not steal your personal information and has nothing to do with the data present in the device.

What to do if WhatsApp Bans me?

The first and the foremost thing, you should not panic if you have been banned by WhatsApp. Secondly, the users get to use the application once again after the sign of 10 – 15 days. Check out the application and you will get the information regarding that. If you think that there is some amount of information left to be acquired, take care of the following steps-

  • Launch your email id and email at [email protected]
  •  write the problem in the message box precisely and mail it

WhatsApp Plus 2020 for Android

So basically, you are looking forward to download the WhatsApp Plus latest apk for your device. The hundred percent original application comes with some basic features and keeps the users satisfied anyhow. The WhatsApp Plus for Android is easily available in several websites including ours.

Keep on checking the latest features of the versions because you need to remain miles away from the virus and malware attack. If you download the latest WhatsApp plus for yourself, you would find that there is a lot of improvement in the video calling and ticks. Type and record status whenever you want and also enjoy several colourful themes for your smartphone . The earlier versions of WhatsApp plus have been working equally well but with lesser amounts of features. Somehow, the developers are considering the user demands on a regular basis and adding features accordingly.

  • Is it legal to download WhatsApp plus in your device?

Illegal to download the modded version of any application because it is a kind of cheating to the original WhatsApp developer. Talking about the safety, the modded WhatsApp is hundred percent safe and Secure and you don’t have to worry about it most of the time. However, we cannot guarantee.

  • Step by step guide to unban number from WhatsAppplus –

  1. Install the latest version of WhatsAppPlus APK in your device and create a chat backup
  2. Remove the older version of the application so that there is a complete data removal from your device.
  3. Disable the auto update
  4. Avoid using the hide online status option.

  • What is the basic requirement to have the application in the device?

The first basic requirement is that you should be an Android owner and the second one is the 4.1 version. Also, you need to have a sound internet connection and a little space in your device to download WhatsAppplus APK for Android.

  • Is it possible to keep both WhatsAppPlus and WhatsApp together in a single device?

Absolutely not because you will soon get banned from the original WhatsApp developer. you have to remove the original WhatsApp if you are planning to have the mod of it.

  • How to import conversation from the original WhatsApp to the WhatsAppplus version?

  1. In order to take a backup of the conversations, you need to go to settings and choose the chat option.
  2. Simply install WhatsAppPlus. after the verification is complete, you will be prompted to verify the application.
  3. You can now import the conversation from the original WhatsApp to the modded version.

  • Why I cannot find WhatsAppPlus on Play Store?

The Play Store never encourages downloading the modded applications . only entertains the original ones and that’s the reason why whatsappPlus is an absent option from there.

  • Is WhatsApp available for Blackberry and Windows users?

WhatsApp plus is only available for the Android users and not for any other operating system.

  • How to change themes?

You can customise a theme that you like and choose any one that is available in the wide collection of WhatsAppPlus APK to set it as a background.

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